Top MBA specializations: Which Course to choose?

An MBA degree opens up a world of opportunities enhancing one’s career in the field of business management. Today, MBA/PGDM has become an entry-level qualification for most organizations. Earning an MBA degree in your desired field will give you a competitive edge in the corporate world.

There is no age bar to pursue an MBA programme and people from different spheres can choose from various types of MBA courses to be pursued for a lucrative career.

MBA/PGDM degree is imparted with various specializations, which allow the candidate to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular domain.

There are over 30 MBA streams being offered by management institutes in India. Among those, Finance, Marketing, International Management, Operations Management are counted amongst the top 10 MBA specializations that new age students opt for.

With changing time, preference of MBA aspirants is also changing. They are moving towards newer MBA specializations which are more compatible with the emerging business market, like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Global MBA, etc. MBA degree in unconventional areas such as Health Care Management, Communications Management, Innovation, Hospitality and Tourism, are also be rewarding.

However, most students still prefer to opt for conventional specializations such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT/Systems, Operations, and Entrepreneurship because they are considered safe in terms of job opportunities.

One must understand that the popularity index of MBA branches vary from time to time. Knowing the full range of MBA specializations helps to make the right choices to shape your career.

What is MBA specialization?

MBA specialization means management study in a particular business domain, for example, Marketing, Human Resources or Finance. If you choose a particular MBA specialization, you will be offered training in that specific domain to prepare you into a management professional will expertise in that particular domain.

How to choose MBA specialization?

The most important factor which must influence you decision of choosing from the available MBA cousres list is your interest. By Graduation, every individual knows his/her area of interest and flair for it. So, when you choose your MBA specialization take these two into consideration. Besides, interest and flair, you must take into consideration the following before choosing an MBA specialization:

  • Scope of the specialization
  • ROI of the specialization
  • Your long term career goal
  • Faculty of the institute for you the specialization of your choice
  • Pedagogy of the specialization of your choice
  • Infrastructure related to the specialization of your choice
  • Internship opportunities and placements

    MBA in Marketing

    Like MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing is also a very popular among MBA aspirants. MBA in Marketing offers ample opportunities to aspirants who wish to get in the fast lane of making big bucks. MBA in Marketing requires sharp skills and knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relations. With MBA in Sales & Marketing, one can accelerate their entry and progress in the corporate world.

    MBA in Information Technology (IT)

    In the recent times, MBA in Information Technology has become very popular in Indian B-Schools. Since, we are living in a technologically advanced world where everything is connected to technology, the IT industry needs highly qualified and skilled people to take on the mantle of managing teams and projects. MBA in IT imparts knowledge and skills to future IT managers and also makes them understand various aspects of a project like planning, design, selection, implementation, use and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies.

    MBA in International Business

    Nowadays, most companies run their operations globally for which they need skilled and highly educated manpower to manage things well. An MBA degree in international management proffers exciting, bright, and fast paced career in global business management. To get through to this field, one must have spectacularly good business sense, and ability to settle in the multicultural work environment.

    MBA in Operations Management

    Operations is one of the four pillars of a business enterprise and MBA in Operations, equips the candidate in exactly what all is needed to run a business entreprise efficiently and effectively. Operations Management includes, planning, organizing, controlling and supervising manufacturing processes. This specialization is ideal for candidates from engineering background.

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